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Concert tribute to war victory

时间:2015-09-07     作者:By Dong Leshuo in Bethesda【转载】   来自:China Daily USA

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'Deeply inspired and motivated': Cui

A concert was held at the Strathmore Music Center in Bethesda, Maryland. on Sept 5 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.

Washington Ark Foundation and the Chinese Cultural and Community Service Center (CCACC) co-organized the concert to pay respects to those whose lives were touched deeply by World War II.

"The concert was very successful," said Cui Tiankai, China's ambassador to the US. "All of us are deeply inspired and motivated.

"Chinese people have made huge sacrifices to win the final victory in World War II," Cui said. "The battle is for all the Chinese people and the victory belongs to the whole Chinese nation. I hope everyone, no matter Chinese people in or outside of the country, including the American people, don't forget the lesson that history has taught us," Cui said.

"World War II is one of the most distressingly grievous experiences that the Chinese nation has gone through," Chih-Hsiang Li, producer of the concert and executive director of CCACC, told China Daily. "We hope our next generations do not forget this experience. That's why we name the concert 'never forgotten'. It's not to remember the hatred, but to remember the lessons."

"Seventy-eight years ago, China faced a crisis when it was invaded by Japanese forces. Chinese troops fought fervently to defend their sovereignty and were ultimately successful in preserving their nation," Ben Cardin, US senator of Maryland, said in a letter. "This concert serves as both a celebration of all the brave heroes who fought for liberty during the war and a reminder that we must learn from our past in order to create a future of peace for generations to come," Cardin wrote.

"This concert celebrates the continuing endurance of hope and peace thought the world. We must remember and honor the lessons learned and the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom in our efforts to help bring about a more tolerant, compassionate and peaceful world," Chris Van Hollen, US Representative of Maryland's 8th Congressional District, said in a letter.

This concert was filled with world-class artists, including the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Liang Zhang, deputy director of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. Zhang is a renowned solo pianist and conductor.

Several young artists joined the stage, including tenor Li Yi and soprano Xu Lei, both opera singers who have shone brightly on the international stage.

Rebecca Henry, a young American alto, sings the piece An die Freude. Henry started to practice the piece for the concert in July. "Everyone did beautifully today. Celebrating peace is always a wonderful thing," Henry said.

It's wasn't the first time Henry sang a Chinese song. Henry went to China in last summer and participated in the "I Sing Beijing", a cross-cultural opera-training program, where she learned to speak and sing in Mandarin.

"I learned so many beautiful songs and met so many great friends, and I'm so happy to continue this journey back in America," Henry said.

The Washington Chinese American Childeren's Chorus performed Newspaper Peddling Boy, Edelweiss and A Song of Peace. "I hope the young generation will remember the lessons that history has taught us. I hope they will cherish the sacrifice and contribution of the martyr. I hope they cherish peace," Cui said.

All of the performers and concert staff were volunteers.

"We have received sponsorship from over 70 organizations and individuals," said Wang Qiyun, director of finance and marketing.

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